Management Problem Solving Using Excel, Access and the World Wide Web


Azimuth Interactive is an educational publishing firm dedicated to bringing the most advanced learning techniques to students and instructors at the lowest possible costs. Azimuth develops educational content in the form of both textbooks and interactive media delivered on CD- ROMs and the Internet. Azimuth achieves these objectives by using the Internet extensively to lower its costs, and enhance the quality of its products. We pass these savings and benefits onto our readers.

Excel, Access and Internet Projects and Cases
If you are looking for business problem solving cases for any version of MS Excel and Access, Solve it! is now available for your classes. Solve it! contains over 30 business case that teach both software skills and business skills. Each book contains twelve spreadsheet and twelve database cases in a single, inexpensive volume. Necessary data files for each case are downloaded from the Internet which students access using a code supplied with each book. In addition, Solve it! contains nine Web-based business cases which teach students how to use contemporary software with publicly available Internet data.!

Software Skills in Action
Each business case contains complete documentation and tutorial instruction for necessary software skills using an easy to follow, step-by-step approach. This is the ideal, inexpensive supplement to an MIS class, software skills lab, or software training courses.

Business Problem Solving Skills
Solve it! teaches critical thinking and problem solving skills as well as software skills. The emphasis in Solve it! is on real-world problems faced by typical small and medium sized businesses, and Web business research. Problems like payroll register, personnel databases, financial ratio analysis, mailing lists, and sales management. Web-based research like using SEC financial databases, business and industry research.

Internet Projects and Cases
New Internet cases provide a brief introduction to the business uses of the Web, and show students how to conduct research on the Web and build reports based on Web information. These projects integrate Web, spreadsheet and database applications into a single coherent case.

Solve it! is a 250 page book with complete illustrated software tutorials, with a downloaded data file containing the student files needed to solve the cases. The complete package is available through college bookstores for about $25 retail depending on bookstore policy. Our prices are low because Azimuth has no expensive sales force and markets directly to college instructors.

Author Team
Solve it! is designed by the same great author team with many years experience teaching college students and corporate trainees how to solve classic business problems. The author team includes Kenneth C. Laudon (NYU), and Ken Rosenblatt (Azimuth Interactive Instructional Designer).


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