Management Problem Solving Using Excel, Access and the World Wide Web


Solve it! Management Problem Solving with Excel and Access is a powerful new classroom learning tool that teaches business students both business problem solving and PC software skills.

If you are tired of teaching keystrokes, if you are looking for student projects that require critical thinking and that hone problem-solving skills, then Solve it! is a solution for you and your students. Solve it! retails for less than $25 to students--about half the price of other products.

Solve it! contains over 30 short business cases that build and challenge student skills in spreadsheet and database software. There are 12 Excel cases and 12 Access cases. In addition, there are 9 new Internet Web cases that teach students how to do business research on the Web and how to use Excel and Access to analyze Web-based data.


  • Business problem driven: Solve it! is unique because it is business problem driven -- not software driven. The emphasis in Solve it! is on real-world problems faced by typical small and medium sized businesses.

  • Software-by-example: Solve it! teaches software skills using student Tutorials in each project that show students how specific software skills are performed on a sample data file. Then students apply this knowledge to the case they are solving. Solve it! contains complete tutorial documentation for Excel and Access.

  • Student thinking: Solve it! requires students to think about how to solve a business problem without walking them through the solution. Students learn by discovering how to solve real-world business problems.

  • Business skills and software skills: Each student case identifies the specific business and software skill being taught in the case.

  • Start-up data files provided: Start-up student data files for each case are downloaded from the Web. This feature avoids spending too much time on routine set up of spreadsheets and databases, and allows more time for meaningful student work.

  • Saves professors hundreds of hours a year: It can take eight hours or more to build a single business case that uses Excel or Access data files, including the Instructor's manual and solution files. Solve it! provides you with 30 of these cases, and saves you and your staff hundreds of hours.

  • Case service: Solve it! is a case service updated every year in November ready for Spring semester use. You can use a different version of Solve it! for Fall and Spring classes. If you want to keep the same version of Solve it! for both Fall and Spring semesters, we provide semester-specific files also. This feature encourages original student work across semesters.


Solve it! cases have been used by instructors to save course preparation time since 1992. The latest edition of Solve it! is Version 6.0 published in 2009 and works with the 2007 version of Microsoft Office. Solve it! Version 5.0 is still available.


Spreadsheet and Database Cases for MS Excel and Access Plus Internet Web Cases

You do not need to buy any other manuals or books to use Solve it. Here are just some of the skills you will learn when you successfully complete Solve it:

Business Skills
PC Skills
Internet business research
Web databases
Payroll register
Text and data formatting
Pro forma statements
Spreadsheet formulas
Financial ratio analysis
Spreadsheet graphics
Sensitivity analysis
Spreadsheet data tables
Inventory management
MACRO routines
Personnel database
Database design
Production plans
Queries and sorting
Mailing lists
Elementary programs
Customer analysis
Memory variables
Sales management
Program logic
Small systems
Interface design

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